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Kolor Projekt Tracker Registration

Kolor Projekt Tracker Registration

Working demo:

The cool team of Kolor approached us on the summer of 2012, to help them create a kind of platform that can keep track of their target audience.

The project was a great challenge on many levels. On one hand Kolor is an easy going, cool place. With an image close to a hawaiian surfer beach club. Thus, every tech stuff should be pretty light. The reason for that is that the people who come in never should feel like they need to fill a mandatory registration form. On the other hand, we designed a cross-platform system, that is available on web, mobile and Facebook - for both admin and end users.

Our solution is a light two-step system, that uses Facebook Connect, so users can register in a blink of an eye.

Development, Mobile, Social Media, Strategic Consulting


Our team never stops thinking and doing. All the projects we get involved in are ones what we truely believe in. In this young Industry, with our 5+ years experience we could say we are the veterans in it. But we don't. We learn every day and do things that makes us move forward. We are permanent speakers at Kurt Academy and consultants for several Start-Ups, banks. Plus proud and active members of the hungarian Entrepreneur Community. This is how we try to do our best to stay among the best.





I eat and breath Social and Mobile! This is why I love helping organizations - from StartUps to Fortune500 - and individuals to enter, lead the social and mobile market. I do this by consulting, developing ideas and customers, finding the niche and trend, building a business model around and managing the whole project.


Social Media Marketing

Kurt Academy - NETworks

Speaker @ Kurt Academy: NETworks and SmartMobil courses


All you need to know about online communications from a business perspective and everyone you need to know. A training for those who see the way forward for their own business in the field of online communications.

The goal of our training is that those, who - for different reasons such as communication trend changes, innovations in technology or the economic crisis - see the way forward for their own business in the field of online communications are enabled to learn all that is necessary to use this tool effectively and meet everyonewho can later support their activities.

Our topics are mobile marketing, personalized communication and user experience, business development, industry and trend analysis.

Zoltan Alfoldi
TV News Anchor

I like the challenge, the execution, the solution. I like if we understand each other in one word with my Partner, even from a half. What I don't like is the routine, the light resistance, the equivocation. With Peter, I am always open to make a new idea come true.


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The core focus is business development in the area of Tech Start-Ups.

  • Consulting
  • Industry Research
  • Finding the Customers’ Pain and Solutions for it
  • Networking
  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  • Online Platforms: HTML5, PHP, Facebook, Web Apps, Games
  • Mentoring, Lectures, Project Management



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Get in Touch

Get in Touch with Peter

Peter Szanto is a creative individual, speaker, photographer who founded B Creative, a social media consulting firm, where he is the CEO. He also is the founder of TouchCo, a start-up that innovates great apps through customers’ pain research and distributes them via networks. Peter specialized in dealing with creative tasks in both private and business life. He can be found on the streets of Budapest, Los Angeles or Italy.

Peter is a regular speaker at places like Kürt Akadémia, won and exhibited in several photo contest, consulted for SMM start-ups and international companies regarding their social media and business development, lead different BTL advertising campaigns to help partners build a better brand, and was the President of Student Government at Corvinus University, where he got his Master in marketing communication cum laude.

He describes himself as “I’m a product of Budapest (Hungary), Corvinus and USC alum, a traveler, passionate about showing beauty in life, I love to explore people, culture and new places.”

06 30 471 00 51

Ultimate Triptrotter Global Campaign

Working demo:

The scope of the half-year long campaign was raising brand awareness and creating the foundation of active 5 digit user-base.

As the slogan of Triptrotting says, "not just another clueless tourist". To enjoy our trip from a locals point of view. This is how a great idea was born and a site mainly aiming university students and young professionals.

For the campaign we chose to search for a Brand Ambassador, the Ultimate Tirptortter. To find the best match, several rounds were applied. First entrants had to post a tweet about why they were the ultimates, then post a picture in the second run and for the final they had to create their own video.

From the hundreds of applicants, the finalists video uploaded to Facebook was posted to YouTube as well - generating more views and visits. At the end, the professional and celebrity jury chose Yolanda, who won one month travel to a chosen destination. In this post-campaign period, the canadian girl had to tweet, blog, post videos, photos and check-in everywhere.

Just at the contest phase the Fan Page went up from 1000 to 12.000+. It is important to note, that only those count, who are interested in travel. Plus, we had a great tranform rate, since a lot of user arrived through friends' referral and became an active user of In the after campaign period, the fans doubled up. We used Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories and auto-posts.


Business Development

Akos Szoda
Senior Consultant

I certainly would recommend Peter for any project regarding the topic of mobile apps! consultant on a tight deadline project. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work and has a really wide knowledge on mobile trends. He demonstrated a high degree of expertise in this field, and was willing to respond to every question based on a very flexible schedule.

Dora Horvath
Corvinus University of Budapest

Peter was an ambitious student with a wide sight of interests.

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Working demo:

LandGuide is a free, all-in-one travel guide application for smartphones featuring tons of practical information, detailed maps, hundreds of interesting places, events and promotions.

Peter serves on the Start Up’s Board Of Advisors as strategic consultant on business development.



Twinings Facebook Social Site

Twinings Facebook Social Site

Working demo:

Artvertising reached out to us in order to create the full 2011 fall Facebook campaign for Twinings. The scope was to have a sweepstakes contest. The chosen idea was all about ROI. Customers had to buy the tea and find the code inside, then upload it to a unique data mining app. The client could set certain time frames when application was available, when the deadline was and also give away different gifts. The main price was a car.

Our goal was to build an app that fits a top brand advertising on a national level. Thus, it handles heavy traffic and provides a user firendly experience and admin panel.



Aigerim Sorman
Found and CEO

I hired Peter to help build several applications on facebook to help improve engagement and drive new users to my company He provided great platform, that was customized specifically for my needs, which led to incredible results. I would recommend anyone to use Peter's services without any reservations.

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Project with 3 previews and 3 images

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University of Southern California - Senior Gift

Working demo:

In spring 2011, my alma mater contacted me with an ad-hoc inquiry, that led to a huge challenge. We had to optimize the Senior Gift platform into a responsive all-access service, that was available on any smartphones, tablets and Facebook. The goal was to maximize the participation and donation.

As a result, we integrated the micro-site to Facebook and created a responsive client theme. To support the platform, we held several events and had QR code Roll-Ups, that led to an instant donation site. We put the QR code to free give-away shirts, flyers, posters. The result speaks for itself: higher participation and donation than the year before, positive and easy implementation of the new system. In numbers: 3,908 participants, that is 75% of the seniors, donated $21,420.



Tivadar Limbacher
Founder and CEO

I've met Peter on a networking event, and I instantly know that he could improve our company's social media and mobile presence efforts. We had the third meeting now, and he indeed gave many invaluable insights. I definitely recommend him as a consultant and partner!

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Working demo:

LandGuide is a free, all-in-one travel guide application for smartphones featuring tons of practical information, detailed maps, hundreds of interesting places, events and promotions.

Peter serves on the Start Up’s Board Of Advisors as strategic consultant on business development.


+36 30 471 00 51

closeAdy Endre u. 8, Budapest, 1024, Hungary

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